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May 29, 2014

Nagoya Castle Sotobori, Day 1

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Setoden train was running in outer moat of Nagoya Castle about 40 years ago. Shigenobu Takeuchi was station staff of Setoden. Mr. Takeuchi found several tens of thousands of luminescence from Luciola parvula in the outer moat after the last train going. However, Luciola parvula were reduced drastically in next year because many people who read in the newspaper came to the moat and captured. In addition, railway was removed from the outer moat. It was large influence of environmental changes. He acted to save for their life during remaining his life against lung tuberculosis. He explained importance of the Luciola parvula to the people who come to the outer moat. The act and his fervent sprit were well known to the people. One day, public highway corporation developed a new lighting apparatus for highway of beside the outer moat which does not have leakage the light to outside from road in order to have no impact on Luciola parvula. The conservation work of Luciola parvula has continued in "The People who assume Luciola parvula in Nagoya Castle Soto-bori (outer moat)* " after he is gone. Mr. Takeuchi is the father of Luciola parvula in Nagoya Castle. 
  *)        名古屋城外堀ヒメボタルを受け継ぐ者たち  

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