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September 27, 2014

Silent Glow in the Forest at Midnight

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I was walking a mountain while blowing bear whistle occasionally in darkness at midnight.
There was the huge tree dedicated to the gods protecting the mountain. A few dozen
meters away from the sacred tree, there was decrepit tree which was thick with mushroom.
When eyes were adapted to darkness, it revealed beautiful weak glow from Omphalotus
japonicas. It is said that Omphalotus japonicas glows for a few days after opening the
umbrella to spread spores. The decrepit tree will return to the soil by mushroom and
microorganisms. The beautiful glow was generated by the energy from last breath of
decrepit tree. The next thing I knew, it was glowing in many places of the forest. When
I turned my attention to the sky, a lot of stars were twinkling.  Bistream  K.Ohtawara

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