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June 10, 2014

The Last Dance of Luciola Parvula

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Sunny yellow light flashes to look for a partner in a forest far from town. The light flashes very strong although body length is only a few millimeters. Flashing at close to midnight must be way to live without being discovered. Male flies several dozen centimeters high from the ground but female can not fly. So that means they can not move their habitat with distance. The scene have been repeated several hundred years at same habitat. It could see many times in the past but they are absent recently. Their silent habitat is being lost by raze a forest and human being step into a forest. I am also one of human being step into habitat with camera. During last a few days, they emit luminescence without any eating by squeeze the remaining life to pass on life to the next generation. I feel drawn to such a beautiful and fugacious creature doing in a deep forest at midnight in early summer.      K.Ohtawara  Bistream

Time-lapse movie:

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